Personal Training Sessions

As photographers we have all felt the uncomfortable sensation of being stuck. It can take some power from the outside to fully understand what is going on, and obtain the tools necessary to progress and start moving in the right direction. After conducting many workshops I have found out that some people need some peace, quiet and a slow, comfortable pace in order to learn and evolve. This is why I have started the personal coaching sessions. One-on-one sessions that are tailored to your specific need and in your specific tempo.

You can learn about:

Getting started
Finding Models
Retouching To Perfection
Shooting Techniques/Outdoor Optimal Lighting
Business Strategies
Camera Techniques




First, we have a Skype meeting where we figure out what approach we will have to the sessions and what could benefit your skills as a photographer. I make a run-through of your portfolio to see what will be beneficial, and to provide feedback if needed.

I can travel to your destination if it is nearby, or if it makes sense to make a trip out of it. If your location is too far away, we can do Skype Sessions or use any kind of software that allows split screen so it will be easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

If there is the time for it, we can do a shoot together. You can bring your own model, or I can find one through my network.



I have divided the sessions into two hour sessions, as this is normally when the brain starts becoming tired of obtaining new information, and I find it highly important that your spirit is intact after a session is done. If I have learned anything from my photography journey, it is that MOTIVATION is the one and only key factor to greatness, so I will try to keep you motivated throughout the course.
If it makes more sense to combine sessions we will of course do this.

Here are the different options:

FREE 10 Minute Feedback on your portfolio+if you have any questions regarding the courses
One Session (two hours): 95$
Two Sessions (four hours): 160$
Four Sessions (eight hours): 270$ – Most popular!

INTRODUCTION OFFER – First purchase gets a 15% discount as well! 


Send me an email at with the subject “Personal Coaching” and I will get back to you straight away!