The fashion scene in london is highly competitive and demanding, which means that you need to up your game to get noticed. I got ya. Whether you need street photography or studio photography, I am there to get you started. 

Whether you are a complete starter or an experienced model, I have many years of experience in instructing and making a model feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Vantage 57 and fashion


Fashion is for me about capturing a feel, a mood, and even a bit of story, all amplifying the strength of the image and in the end; showing off what you are wearing in the perfect setting. 

It has to reflect authenticity or high class. Getting the right image is the right way to get you started towards becoming a professional model.


What I offer to kickstart your fashion career

  • Professional photos that showcase your qualities
  • A short promotional video for sending off to agencies and potential clients
  • Your own website to show that you are not fooling around – Showcasing your videos, photos and contact details
  • A good network of people who sees you for the great things that you are capable of doing, unlocking your potential.
  • Agency contacts, sponsorships and affiliate deals.

How do I get it?

Instead of going through the trouble of purchasing these things individually, we have you covered and provide huge savings by bundling these things together in custom packages that fit your need. 

Simply get in touch with me and tell me a bit about what you want to do and we’ll work together on finding out what’s right for you.


Packages start from £195 and includes:

  • 200 photos
  • 3 edited photos
  • 15 second promotional video of you
  • Behind The Scenes material 
  • Photos and video – for your social media content
  • Implementation into our network of agents, sponsors and affiliate deal



  • Get a promotional video that really shows your qualities for only £75 extra. Can include cinematic scenes as well with audio
  • Get your own professional website, mobile optimized with booking system for clients, portfolio, video gallery and about section for only £250 extra. Does not include hosting/domain, but you’ll get a great deal by going through me. I got connections! 
  • One week delivery time for only £25 extra