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It takes a lot to impress people now. We’ve seen it all, bla bla, neeext. That’s why I enjoy focusing on quality. Making something that doesn’t just show you, but also that you are not like the rest. You rise above and will work to provide your followers with content that will make them think about you long after they’ve shut down Instagram, and make them share your pictures with their friends. 

Amanda Finniee

Fitness Influencer - 409k followers, @amandafinniee

Laura O'Donnell - 246k Followers

Stunt Woman & Influencer

A world of difference

Give your followers a new angle

With an education in Social Media Marketing and media creation you get someone who gets you and knows how branding works. Get BTS video, interviews and reportage of what you are up to, whether you are going to an event, reviewing a new product, or even have a travel vacation planned.

An example is when I was hired to cover stunt woman Laura O’Donnell’s trip to LA

Why get in touch?

High quality for a good price


It is a lot of work that goes into creating content as you can see above, but luckily I absolutely love the job and enjoy every moment of it, so get in touch with a link to your Instagram and we can have a chat about how we can create some amazing content for you.

Example package:

4 hours of shooting

40 images
3 edits

Psst. Scroll down for more pictures.

Cosplay done right

Amanda Finniee at a galaxy star night nude fine art